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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Traditional vs. "New"

This concerns all handcrafted items including Painting, Needle Arts, Woodworking, Metal Work, Paper Arts, Beading, Jewelry Making, etc.

There are many publications on the market and TV shows that give instructions on handcrafted items with new ways of doing things that might be quicker or easier than the traditional methods, but do they show REAL artistic talent? Well, some do and some don’t.
1. Detailed hand painting that took a lot of time and effort and artistic talent by the artist vs.
a quick stamped-on design.
2. A hand knit sweater with a unique design (very time consuming) vs. a machine knit sweater or item that is quick and easy and common.
3. Beautiful hand crocheted lace with tiny thread (also time consuming) vs. an item of large loops and large thread made quickly and easily.
4. Detailed hand embroidery on quality fabric vs. a few X stitches that a kindergartner could do.
5. A hand carved item that took hours or even days or weeks to complete and is possibly a one of a kind creation vs. a machine made mass produced item available to everyone.
These are just a few examples of the items that we have come to accept as members of the new “want it now” society.

Quick and easy is the accepted method.
What happened to the traditional artistic talent of the past ?
Is it lost forever in a sea of mass produced items?
What happened to the appreciation of the time and effort and talent needed to create a beautiful work of art?
What happened to the term “family heirloom” ? It is lost from our vocabulary.
I have some Family Heirlooms that were hand made by my grandmother and great-grandmother and I CHERISH them. But will my children also cherish them? I doubt it.

Is your home filled with mass produced items and “throw away” items that have no meaning other than decoration?
I think it is time to revive the traditional methods and support those who take the time and effort to create a masterpiece of their artistic talent.
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  1. I couldn't agree with you more. What a excellent article. I treasure heirlooms and all the advice that my grandmother shared with me.

    Although we live in a society that wants things now, I believe that there are still some of us that love the quality and beauty of handcrafted products.

  2. Yes, Yes, Yes !
    You tell it girl :)

    I too love REAL handmade items.

    I love to sew by hand and to embroider by hand... and I get shocked looks when I tell people.
    Most folks do not even sew things themselves on sewing machines anymore, let alone by hand with a needle and thread !

    I enjoy making one-of-a-kind items and taking pride in my work.

    So much of that is gone in today's throw-away society and that is a big shame :(

    The people who appreciate TRUE handmade items are thrilled when they find my website and that is such a nice thing to know :)

    Organically Yours,

    P.S. I found you on The Selling Lounge forum - I am the one giving the Squidoo mini Workshops.

  3. Very informative article. Brings back some lovely memories of my grandmother's crafts.

  4. What a nice article! Yes, true handcrafted items arae getting harder to find, and some of those who don't understand the difference expect them to be sold for 'cost of materials' for some reason . . . an attitude that is a little difficult to understand if you've ever made anything by hand

  5. terrific article! I enjoyed the learning experience!